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Math Ensurance is a low cost permanent tutoring program for school children of all ages. It is designed to help students with their current Math assignments (homework, class work, tests, projects) from regular school. The best feature of the program is the flexibility. When the student is seeking help in Math, there is no need to make an appointment for a tutoring session: he/she may just drop by. On the other hand, there is no pressure to come for a tutoring session when the student has other priorities. In other words, Math Ensurance is not only helpful with Math skills, but with time (assignments) management skills as well. Our program will not interfere with students’ after school activities.
There are no prerequisites for students to subscribe to Math Ensurance program.
Subscriber is entitled for up to one hour of one-to-one basis math tutoring every day (weekends and holidays excluded).
Subscriber is required to bring math textbook used at regular school for each tutoring session. It is also recommended to bring all related math materials (worksheets, notes, calculators, etc.).
CLASSIC MATH SCHOOL guarantees each subscriber* one full letter grade improvement in Math by the end of the school year or a full refund.

Tutoring sessions will be held every evening** for at least one hour starting third week of September till the end of the school year (vacations, weekends and holidays excluded).

Subscription fee***(ensurance premium) must be paid (checks or cash only) at the time of subscription.
Math Ensurance may be obtained for the following terms only:
a) 1 (one) month;
b) 3 (three) months;
c) 5 (five) months;
d) 9 (nine) months (school year).
* Guarantee applies to the students who
have subscribed to Math Ensurance in September or October, have current math grade lower than a B, have shown the commitment manifested by
a) participating in at least 50% of tutoring sessions each month during the school year,
b) having no missing math assignments (signed confirmation may be requested from student’s math teacher) at regular school

**Session time is subject to change. Subscribers will be notified in advance.

***Subscription fee is subject to change.